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We are very fortunate at EVS to have the opportunity to work with Music Generation Clare (MGCE) the last number of years. MGCE is a national partnership programme whose goal is to create inspiring experiences for children and young people through music. Each year at EVS, we invite Music Generation Clare to work with our TY students on a number of Music programmes. The "Teens Ceol" programme has been a great success so far. Our students collaboratively work together in songwriting and ultimately create a unique piece of music, which is recorded at the end of the programme. The TY's of 2020 creatively penned the song "Fake Friends".

Last year, EVS was the first school in the county to work with MGCE on the "Music Tech Programme". The students creatively engaged in designing and engineering music using state of the art software and computers. Using their cleverly written song "Fake Friends", the TY students further enhanced the song through sound design and produced a high quality song which they were all very proud of.

A third programme has been rolled out by MGCE this year called the " Music and Wellness Programme". We are delighted to be involved in such a promising programme. The students get to experience music as an aid to wellness by developing an awareness of each person’s innate musicality and creativity through group communication, interaction and tolerance through music. The TY class of 2021 are really looking forward to embracing this experience in a time when wellbeing is central to their everyday lives.

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