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Student Council

Ennistymon Vocational School was established in 2011 and has been growing in strength and numbers since. 2020 saw our largest and most proactive Student Council to date.

The Student Council is a representative structure for students only. It gives students a voice, allows them to become involved in the affairs of the school. Students learn to work in partnership with school management, staff & parents.

Elections are held in October each year. Our student council is made up of two elected representatives from each class group from first to sixth year. It is their role of the elected representatives to bring issues & concerns that may arise among their classmates to the attention of the Student Council for discussion.

Each year the Student Council draws up a list of tasks and areas that they feel could benefit the overall student body. They sub divide into smaller groups and get to work on achieving these tasks.

Sample of Student Council Work:

  • Drawing up of Student Council Constitution
  • Amber Flag for positive mental health from Pieta House
  • Introduction of optional half-zip in 2017 and change of half zip design in 2020
  • Design & Installation of an outdoor shelter from school side door to canteen
  • Non-uniform fundraising days for various charities
  • Fundraising clothes collection
  • Involved in design process for upgrading of girls and boy’s bathrooms
  • Instrumental in bringing about change to canteen menu options
  • Promotion of lunch time activity options
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